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Dear Redlands Thrift Store Customers

We all have worked very hard to serve our customers.  If an employee has not met our very strict customer relations policy of outstanding service please let us know so we can rectify the problem immediately. 


Thank You,

Kevin & Jo

    In 2005 Redlands Thrift Store opened up inside of the H&E hardware store on Alabama, a 5000 sq ft section of their gardening area. Redlands Thrift store supports The Legal Aid Clinic of San Bernardino. Many people were cynical of the idea and some even laughed at the concept but it didn’t take long for the idea to take off within months Redlands Thrift Store went from renting part of the old H & E building to taking over the entire 40,000 sq ft building on 5 acres.


     Redlands Thrift Store is now one of largest thrift stores in the world. We carry large quantity of used quality merchandise. Redlands Thrift Store canvasses in areas with high disposable incomes so the donors are constantly providing the store with lightly used to new furniture, clothing, knick knacks and so on. Space and expertise is what helps Redlands Thrift Store compete with their competitors. Quality and Price is what distinguishes Redlands Thrift from other thrift stores. Redlands Thrift Store offers 10 clothing and or Linen items for $10.00 the 1st day of every month. This sale has become so popular that there are as many as 200 people anxiously waiting at the door for our doors to open at 9:00 a.m. This sale includes all new merchandise not just old stock. Redlands Thrift Store also offers 50% off everything in the store on holidays. Give Redlands Thrift Store a visit and be sure to pick up a monthly newsletter which list all sales offered each day of the month. The large amount of fresh merchandise that hit’s the floor each day keeps things interesting and fresh. Want to know the monthly specials before you arrive? Click the box to see our news letter online....






     Redlands Thrift Store offers a wide variety of services. A large percentage of the merchandise in our store are donations directly from the Legal Aid Society of San Bernardino charity. We are also in the market to buy. We specialize in buying entire estates where the house is jam packed with stuff that needs to be removed asap. We can also buy the house if the price is right. We can also buy your vehicles, proberty, gold, valuables, you name it....we can buy it. We have done also help with celebrities estates, Farming equipment, full blown arcades, business close outs, out of state jobs, and yes we have even removed a massive underground marijuana grow hydroponics. Check out our gallery to see photos of specific jobs we've done.  Some are on site during a job and some are simply of items we have recently had come through our doors. If you think you have seen some entertainment from reality television you haven't experienced Redlands Thrift Store!!!!!!! Check out our YouTube Videos.


     Redlands Thrift Store can also help with a "Hoarding" situation. If you know a hoarder that needs a place cleaned out, we can provide that service at low cost to you. We even have the capability to bulldoze the house if need be. We can also help you move and can help you haul your stuff away.


     Have a LARGE donation? No need to worry we can handle anything, anywhere! Located in Southern/Northern/Central California? Dont worry we can do it. We have the equipment and labor to handle anything you've got. Want to donate your House or Land? Give us a call. Want to donate your vehicle? We can pick up your vehicle/ ATV/Boat/Tractor at no charge and you can receive huge tax write off's. Redlands Thrift store accepts quality used donations.


Donation Center

You can donate at the door of our location or for large pick ups call the donation line 1-877-673-3000.  We are Located at 614 Alabama (across the street from Kmart) Open 7 days a week.

Redlands Thrift Store proudly spouncers  The Legal Aid Society of San Bernardino, Ca. The legal Aid Society is a non-profit organization that provides assistance throughout the County to low income clients with family law matters such as domestic violence, divorce, custody matters, guardianships, restraining orders, evictions, etc.


Need Legal Help?

Call or Visit

The Legal Aid Clinic of San Bernardino


588 W 6th St. San Bernardino, Ca 92410

(909) 889-7328

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